Seriously, You believe this about Math?!!!

First weeks are over, grades are set for the “progress report” period, and now I’m looking through the answers to “What is Math” page that my students replied to at the beginning of the year thanks to Sara VanDerWerf’s blog post.

A couple ideas were collected.  The first is pictures of students’ thoughts about mathematics.  The second idea is the definition of math, asked by students to their parents and friends:1

1. Draw a picture representing how you feel about Math:

These make me worry  but inspire me to work harder to change their minds.

These made me happy, look at the GRIT!

There were many more….

2. Ask two people what their definition of Math:

Math Is:…
How numbers interact with each other Numbers that are stupid and pointless
A way to get smarter My favorite subject
A language to describe how the world around us works The means by which most of our world operates
Numbers and actions A specific way of learning
A way of decribing the natural world and theories about things we can’t see My favorite subject and I use this skill everyday.
“A headache” but also “way to solve the problems of the world” The art of computation
The foundation for every day survival The systems and relationships between figures
The practice of using identified nubmers/formuas/equations, variables, graphs and diagrams in conjunction with each other to solve a problem that is missing a variable Something that kills you in high school and then you don’t need it
A waste of my time Magic with Numbers
A quantification of real world problems using numbers Extreme brain exertion
Addition, subtraction, multiplication,and division ….that define time, space, movement, amounts,…
Numbers fighting over letters A study which involves critical thinking and trains the brain by showing the relationships that the numbers are involved in


I hope this year is different for students, and for myself.  I hope I can draw their interests out, that they can relate mathematics to other disciplines, and that their mindset grows positively .

Week four… here we come!