Words of Wisdom W.O.W!


So, each week on Mondays, I will write up in the corner of the board, a little pun, joke, or play on words for my students to read.  I keep the statement up there the entire week.  When I first started out, I would right inspirational messages such as Gretzsky’s “You only miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” (recalling from memory…)   But the kids really enjoyed the puns/jokes instead.  (and plenty of other wall space is covered with those 12 X 18 posters found at the teacher store, encouraging students one way or the other) I will also write the answer upside down (as seen on the back of Laffy Taffy candies) and add a little picture as well.

Kids will also submit jokes and ask to have them put up there.  If I find them funny and think the other students can understand them, I’m all for doing that.   I’ll also include their name for credit.

It doesn’t have anything to do with mathematics most weeks.  It’s just a way to reach some of the kiddos.  Funny how they seem upset when they walk in on Monday mornings and I haven’t gotten around to writing something up on the board.

Last week’s:

Why are elephants not allowed to go to the beach?…  They can’t keep their trunks up!


Two peanuts were walking through Central Park last weekend.  One was a-salted.

Parachute for sale.  Used only once.  One small stain.

What do you call 4 bullfighters in quicksand?   Quatro Sink-o!

At the beginning of the semester:     Kcab Emoclew      (of course a couple kids are asking, “what’s an Emo- clue?”)


Always good time for a joke







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