So just how big is a Cubic Meter?


In our textbook, a question is posed about the Asano Taiko Company of Japan.  The larges drum, being 4.9 meters in diameter and about 4.5 meters high, the students questioned how big a cubic meter was.  A couple of my students, who enjoy putting together things, offered to put together the meter sticks (after borrowing a few extras from the science teachers) to see this.  It was great seeing the minds figure out the best ways to “brace” the cube.   Here’s a photo of our result with some kiddos, as they said, “thinking outside the box”.  Oh, and the drum?  Only about 94 of those cubes for the volume!outside the box




5 thoughts on “So just how big is a Cubic Meter?

    • Yes. We also built a cubic foot. While I was in the process of teaching I had a student figure out that there were approx. 27 of these smaller cubes in the large one. Happy for him to discover this… hoping that he also paid attention to the other parts of the lesson while discovering this….

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