SUMMER! Get Back Here!!!!!



Back from vacation and it’s Monday morning.  I’ve already reviewed three lessons for my sideline “job”. Now I’m hearing the alarms go off as my family move around.  One week of summer left, and there are doctor’s appts to attend to and last minute jaunts to the community pool before school starts up next week.  I could spend the rest of this week at school… hmmmmmmm

I’m so thrilled for the changes that are coming our way at school.  I have a new math teacher to mentor and help guide through this year.  However, I think she may enlighten me just as much or not more with her “young” ideas and excitement to being at the school.  I’m also taking on a new challenge- teaching science for three periods and continuing my love for math as well with 3 Pre-Algebra classes.  People are asking me, “how’d you get that assignment?”  “Why?” “Did you really want to do that?”   Oh, yes…  Having taught the same subject for many years, I thought this would be a great time to try something new…  And having a love for science and curiosities, well…  here I am.  Curriculums are new this year for both subjects.  Great people to work with in both departments

I can’t wait to meet the students as well this year.  With so many wkshops attended, theories considered from tweets and blogs, ideas found from talking with like professionals and activities discovered while browsing around the internet,  I think we’ll have a great time this year learning about the world and how math and science relate with each other.




2 thoughts on “SUMMER! Get Back Here!!!!!

  1. I am so excited to connect with you online! Thanks for your comment on “Don’t Overthink It”. I will be interested to see how your experiences teaching science affect your math instruction. I am learning about STEM as we expand these programs in my district, and I am convinced that there is a great deal we can learn from the integration of content. Keep blogging–I’m listening!

    Also REALLY impressed by your blog entries of your CAMT experience. I’m totally going to tweet those out. And speaking of Twitter, I absolutely adore your profile pic–I actually HAD that calculator as a kid!

    Thanks for inspiring not only your students but your fellow teachers!

  2. Love your enthusiasm for fresh and new. Lucky students, and lucky school. Best wishes for a great school year…miss you, sweet friend!

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