I Miss Seeing the Light Bulb Moments!

CoVid-itis 2019-2020 Well, it's been quite a while since I've blogged.  And now the school year's almost over.  Since March 16th, we've been "teaching" from home.  I can only say how amazed I am for our district, and how quickly they came together to make so many changes.  This pandemic has produced some amazing methods... Continue Reading →

M.A.D.! About Catapults!

Well, the Algebra students had made catapults out of tongue depressors, rubber bands, and spoons to start out our Quadratic unit a few weeks back.  So, when it came to Math 8's jump in to Data and Measures of Central Variations, I wobbled back and forth....  scoops of M&Ms (previous year's activity) or accuracy of... Continue Reading →

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